Efficient Identification of Duplicate Bibliographical References

In this work we present an approach to extract and to structure bibliographical references from BibTex files, allowing the identification of the duplicate ones, which can appear slightly different in different files. To deal with this problem, existing systems use classifiers, clustering or others algorithms, allied with an Edit Distance metric, to distinguish between duplicate

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Benchmarking the multi-view differential evolution on the noiseless BBOB-2012 function testbed

We propose a multi-view DE in which several mutation strategies are applied to the same current population to generate different views for the current iteration. The views are then merged using tournament-selection to generate the next single population. This Multi-View DE is benchmarked on the BBOB-2012 noiseless function testbed.     Keywords: procés de test.

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Efficiency Enhancement of ECGA Through Population Size Management

This paper describes and analyzes population size management, which can be used to enhance the efficiency of the extended compact genetic algorithm (ECGA). The ECGA is a selectorecombinative algorithm that requires an adequate sampling to generate a high-quality model of the problem. Population size management decreases the overall running time of the optimization process by

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