Evaluating differential evolution with penalty function to solve constrained engineering problems

Over the years, several metaheuristics have been developed to solve hard constrained and unconstrained optimization problems. In general, a metaheuristic is proposed and following researches are made to improve the original algorithm. In this paper, we evaluate a not so new metaheuristic called differential evolution (DE) to solve constrained engineering design problems and compare the results with some recent metaheuristics. Results show that the classical DE with a very simple penalty function to handle constraints is still very competitive in the tested problems.



  • A global optimization algorithm for constrained global optimization
  • Employs a penalty function for handling constraints
  • Tested five mutation strategies
  • Tested in: pressure vessel, tension/compression spring
  • Compared to: Adaptive Differential Evolution, Particle Swarm Optimization, Genetic Algorithm, Social Behavior algorithm


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Computació evolutiva. Optimització global. Optimització constret. Metaheuristic. Enginyeria problema de disseny. Evolució diferencial.
Calcul évolutionnaire. Optimisation globale. Optimisation contrainte. Métaheuristique. problème de conception ingénierie. Évolution différentielle.
Evolutionary computing. Globale Optimierung. Eingeschränkte Optimierung. Metaheuristic. Engineering Design-Problem. Differenzielle Evolution.
विकासवादी अभिकलन। वैश्विक अनुकूलन। विवश अनुकूलन। Metaheuristic. इंजीनियरिंग डिजाइन समस्या है। विभेदक विकास।
Pengkomputeran evolusi. Global pengoptimuman. Dihalang pengoptimuman. Metaheuristic. Kejuruteraan Reka bentuk masalah. Evolusi yang berbeza.
Computación evolutiva. Optimización global. Optimización con restricciones. Metaheurísticas. problema de diseño de ingeniería. Evolución diferencial.