Evolutionary algorithms and HP Model for protein structure prediction

Protein structures prediction (PSP) is a computationally complex problem. Simplified models of the protein molecule (such as the HP Model) and the use of evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are among the most investigated techniques for PSP. However, the evaluation of a structure represented by the HP model considers only the number of hydrophobic contacts, which doesn’t enable the EA to distinguish between structures with the same number of contacts. This paper presents a new multi-objective formulation for PSP in HP Model. Two metrics are evaluated: the number of hydrophobic contacts and the distance between the hydrophobic amino acids. Both metrics are used by the Multi-objective EA in Tables. We showed that the algorithm is fast and robust.


  • A global optimization algorithm for protein structure prediction
  • A multi-objective algorithm is employed for protein folding prediction
  • We proposed two metrics for improving protein structure prediction
  • Results in a more efficient global optimization method
  • Tested in: 273d.1, 273d.2, …, 273d.1, 273d.10
  • Compared to: Johnson and Katikireddy (2006) , Patton et al. (1995)


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Algorisme evolutiva. Algorisme genètic. Model de CV. predicció d’estructura de proteïnes.
进化算法。遗传算法。HP 模型。蛋白质结构预测。
進化演算法。遺傳演算法。HP 模型。蛋白質結構預測。
Algorithme évolutionnaire. algorithme génétique. Modèle HP. prédiction de structure de protéine.
Evolutionärer Algorithmus. genetischer Algorithmus. HP-Modell. Protein-Struktur-Vorhersage.
विकासवादी एल्गोरिथ्म। आनुवंशिक एल्गोरिथ्म। अश्वशक्ति मॉडल। प्रोटीन संरचना भविष्यवाणी।
Evolusi algoritma. algoritma genetik. HP Model. ramalan struktur protein.
Algoritmo evolutivo. algoritmo genético. Modelo de HP. predicción de la estructura de la proteína.