A modified Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy with adaptive penalty function and restart for constrained optimization

In the last decades, a number of novel meta-heuristics and hybrid algorithms have been proposed to solve a great variety of optimization problems. Among these, constrained optimization problems are considered of particular interest in applications from many different domains. The presence of multiple constraints can make optimization problems particularly hard to solve, thus imposing the

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Investigating multi-view differential evolution for solving constrained engineering design problems

Several constrained and unconstrained optimization problems have been adequately solved over the years thanks to advances in the metaheuristics area. In the last decades, different metaheuristics have been proposed employing new ideas, and hybrid algorithms that improve the original metaheuristics have been developed. One of the most successfully employed metaheuristics is the Differential Evolution. In

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Evaluating differential evolution with penalty function to solve constrained engineering problems

Over the years, several metaheuristics have been developed to solve hard constrained and unconstrained optimization problems. In general, a metaheuristic is proposed and following researches are made to improve the original algorithm. In this paper, we evaluate a not so new metaheuristic called differential evolution (DE) to solve constrained engineering design problems and compare the

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